Antivirus Solutions:

Do you worry about your antivirus program or lack thereof?  Do you know which antivirus programs are effective and which are not?  Have you noticed a dramatic slowing down of your computer since installing an antivirus?

These are common problems that most people with a computer experience.  The most major antivirus programs aren’t always the best and are almost always the most expensive.

If you would like no-nonsense advice on the cheapest (or free) and best antivirus programmes, contact us at

Computer repair in Crawley Area

Need a new computer? We can order you better computers at cheaper rates because we know the best places. We will order your computer, set it up for you, install a very good and FREE antivirus, and deliver it to your home.

Other computer needs? External hard drives, printers, internet issues, website design, slow computer, tuition, tutoring?

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